Radio Interview Training

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Adoni Media’s team of experienced radio presenters, journalists and producers understand what makes a great radio interview.

“We needed practical, focused media training and that’s exactly what e got. The real life and current industry experience of Adoni makes all the difference.” – Rhianne Bell, Senex Energy

Our team of experts, led by Logie-nominated journalist Leisa Goddard, has been behind the mic on some of Australia’s leading radio programs – shaping conversations and conducting live radio interviews with politicians, CEOs, executives, celebrities, academics, and community and business leaders on leading talkback stations and national broadcasters.

Our job is to advise you on how to prepare for a radio interview and what to look out for when presenters use specific radio interview techniques during the chat.

“There are no power points nor long lectures, just practical training. We put you in Live radio scenarios, with real mics and real reporters you get real, interview experience.” – Leisa Goddard

Who better than a team of experienced journalists to give you comprehensive live radio interview preparation ahead of a live radio broadcast?

Each radio interview training session is tailored specifically to the person and their business with practical role play and radio interviewing scenarios that address important areas of concern for their industry.

How to prepare for a radio interview?

Adoni Media’s customised radio interview training helps you identify what makes a great interview.

“It’s just like having a conversation” is what many journalists may tell you to put you at ease ahead of your interview but it’s important to remember you will need a lot more than a conversational tone to ensure your interview stands out.

Our team of specialists help you develop and deliver your key messages ahead of your radio interview, while providing you with comprehensive training on how to manage and respond to difficult questions on-air, or what tone to use depending on who you’re talking to or whether it’s or news or programs.

We keep you on your toes so you know how to respond when a journalist throws you a surprise question during a live radio interview.

Radio interview techniques

Adoni Media’s team of journalists know the pressures of live radio interview preparation and it’s our job to ensure you do it well. Our team of journalists have experience radio producing as well so now how to prepare you in a way that only industry insiders know.

No detail is too small for our team of experts at Adoni Media.

We’re here to ensure you remain calm under pressure, armed with your key messages and the facts.

Adoni Media’s radio interview training gives you the advantage of learning how to stay in control of your interview, from experts behind the mic.