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How to plan events for public relations

16 November, 2018     Posted in: Public Relations, Publicity

Events planned for media are vital if you want to achieve positive publicity and have an effective public relations strategy that achieves real ROI. Building brand awareness and engaging with […]

How to contact A Current Affair

29 August, 2018     Posted in: News, Publicity

From dodgy tradesman to dole bludgers, nasty neighbours to narcissistic con men, A Current Affair has long been a favourite of viewers of Australian television. A Current Affair, most commonly […]

What to include in a press kit template

    Posted in: Publicity

A press kit is an effective tool that should be considered when launching your brand or raising its awareness, for both large high-profile businesses and small start-ups. While it may […]

When is the best time to post on social media?

24 August, 2018     Posted in: Publicity

It can be hard to know when is the best time to post on social media. People are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest throughout the day and night when […]

Australian TV presenters

19 July, 2018     Posted in: Publicity

Lisa Wilkinson Lisa Wilkinson began her career as editor at Dolly Magazine and Cleo. She quickly moved to presenting the 2000 Summer Olympics with The Morning Shift. In 2005, Lisa […]

How to write a successful professional bio

16 July, 2018     Posted in: Publicity

Professional bios are usually the most important piece that you’ll ever write. First impressions count, so bios also help you to promote your own personal brand and personality. Bios normally […]

Video and images have never been so important

2 July, 2018     Posted in: Publicity

Never underestimate the importance of pictures Photos and video are incredibly important in capturing audience attention and cannot be underestimated in our increasingly visual world. The ease in which we […]

How to pitch to journalists on LinkedIn

29 June, 2018     Posted in: Media Training, News, Publicity

A good relationship with a journalist means it’s easier to pitch stories, communicate and offer your clients up as sources/commentators. Nowadays, news and social media come hand-in-hand. Knowing how and […]

Why network?

    Posted in: Publicity

Why and how to network Networking is a vital for any individual who wants to connect and engage with people for mutual benefits – and is especially important in media […]

What makes a good commentator

1 June, 2018     Posted in: Publicity

What’s the role of a commentator?   The role of a commentator is to provide additional information, inside knowledge and not surprisingly, commentary, about events currently occurring. They’re not limited […]