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How to write a successful professional bio

16 July, 2018     Posted in: Publicity

Professional bios are usually the most important piece that you’ll ever write. First impressions count, so bios also help you to promote your own personal brand and personality. Bios normally […]

Video and images have never been so important

2 July, 2018     Posted in: Publicity

Never underestimate the importance of pictures Photos and video are incredibly important in capturing audience attention and cannot be underestimated in our increasingly visual world. The ease in which we […]

How to pitch to journalists on LinkedIn

29 June, 2018     Posted in: Media Training, News, Publicity

A good relationship with a journalist means it’s easier to pitch stories, communicate and offer your clients up as sources/commentators. Nowadays, news and social media come hand-in-hand. Knowing how and […]

Why network?

    Posted in: Publicity

Why and how to network Networking is a vital for any individual who wants to connect and engage with people for mutual benefits – and is especially important in media […]

What makes a good commentator

1 June, 2018     Posted in: Publicity

What’s the role of a commentator?   The role of a commentator is to provide additional information, inside knowledge and not surprisingly, commentary, about events currently occurring. They’re not limited […]

What to do if a journalist comes calling

11 May, 2018     Posted in: Crisis Management, Media Training, Publicity

How to handle an interview request the right way When a journalist calls, it’s exciting and terrifying. They might be calling as a result of a media release you’ve issued, […]

What makes the news?

3 May, 2018     Posted in: Publicity

What you need to put together a news story Have you ever wondered why a story was featured in the news or even how the media decides what stories are […]

The difference between earned, paid and owned media

30 April, 2018     Posted in: Publicity

What do the terms even mean? Owned, paid and earned media are terms you may have heard bandied around by PR, marketing and digital specialists. What do they mean? In […]

5 tips to creating an effective media release

23 April, 2018     Posted in: Publicity

The importance of a media release Writing and sending a media release is one the most effective ways to pitch your story to a newsroom. A release can be an […]

The dos and don’ts of presenting

20 April, 2018     Posted in: Media Training, Publicity

The key tips you need to feel confident and comfortable in front of a reporter Presenting is a hard skill to master. Most people find it daunting to stand in […]