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24 February, 2020     Posted in: Newslink, Public Relations, Publicity

In the highly competitive property market, publicity helps developers and agents sell and importantly builds their profile to attract future buyers and deals. What should never be underestimated is the […]


17 February, 2020     Posted in: Coverage, News, Newslink, Public Relations, Publicity

One year after being named as one of the world’s leading communications and management firms, Adoni Media, has been ranked in the Clutch top 100 best B2B Australian service firms […]

From our interns: Naomi’s Experience

12 February, 2020     Posted in: From our interns, Publicity

As I entered the latter half of my Bachelor of Communication (majoring in Public Relations) degree, I was eager to experience agency life and learn from some of the best […]

An Uber Successful Campaign: How Uber Eats used the power of celebrity to create a viral advertising campaign

10 February, 2020     Posted in: Celebrities, Content Marketing, Publicity

It was the television advertisement that had the whole world liking, commenting and sharing. But how did Uber Eats  take something as simple as home-delivered food and turn it into […]

How to use social media to your advantage in PR

3 February, 2020     Posted in: Digital, Public Relations, Publicity

With 3.48 billion users, social media is the most far-reaching, accessible and affordable tool for public relations professionals.   And while the use of social media in PR is nothing new, the way we use it is […]

How to write a media release

16 January, 2020     Posted in: Public Relations, Publicity

Knowing how to effectively craft and distribute a media release is a great skill to have, as it is one of the most effective ways of telling your story. They can come in […]

Australia’s newest arts destination days from launching

4 December, 2019     Posted in: Publicity

With just 8 days until the Sydney Coliseum Theatre opens at West HQ in Sydney, we took 7 News on an exclusive behind the scenes look. A star-studded line up […]

Why it’s important to be timely in PR: a case study

28 October, 2019     Posted in: Digital, Publicity

PR is all about the here and now. As a business, it’s important that as news comes in, you’re the first to know. This doesn’t just go for local news […]

Rival brands join hands for a good cause: PR campaign case study

2 October, 2019     Posted in: Digital, Publicity

It’s common for people to have a ‘go-to’ favourite fast food burger, whether it’s the McDonalds’ Big Mac or the Whopper from Hungry Jacks (or overseas, Burger King). While the […]

7 News Townsville win Regional and Community Broadcast Report Award the 2019 Queensland Clarion Awards

13 September, 2019     Posted in: News, Public Relations, Publicity

Adoni Media’s Leisa Goddard was proud to sponsor and present 7 News Townsville with the award for best Regional and Community Broadcast Report at the 2019 Queensland Clarion Awards. 7 […]