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How to leverage your media wins

8 July, 2019     Posted in: Publicity

Has your business been mentioned in a newspaper article? Or maybe one of your great PR stories has been published to a top online platform? Harnessing the power of Public […]

How we turned a bad news story into good publicity

13 June, 2019     Posted in: Publicity

The media loves controversy, and in that there can be good media opportunities if you know how to play it. When a Sunshine Coast Council slapped a family with a […]

How to manage a media relations strategy

23 April, 2019     Posted in: Publicity

The thought of managing media relations can sometimes be daunting. Who do I call? What do I say? How do I know if my pitch is newsworthy? Having a tailored […]

Introducing Australia’s newest sporting legend

18 March, 2019     Posted in: Public Relations, Publicity

A look at how we told Michelle Lee’s story Sydneysider Michelle Lee recently made international headlines when she completed the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge – becoming the first Australian woman […]

The challenges of modern PR

25 January, 2019     Posted in: Public Relations, Publicity

Thanks to platforms like social media, digital newspapers, blogs and 24-hour television and radio current affairs channels, it’s never been easier to share news – which for Public Relations (PR) […]

Telum Talks To Leisa Goddard

15 January, 2019     Posted in: Publicity

Telum Talks To Leisa Goddard, Managing Director,  Adoni Media What is your approach to media training? If you are going to do media training, you want to do it with […]

How to plan events for public relations

16 November, 2018     Posted in: Public Relations, Publicity

Events planned for media are vital if you want to achieve positive publicity and have an effective public relations strategy that achieves real ROI. Building brand awareness and engaging with […]

How to contact A Current Affair

29 August, 2018     Posted in: News, Publicity

From dodgy tradesman to dole bludgers, nasty neighbours to narcissistic con men, A Current Affair has long been a favourite of viewers of Australian television. A Current Affair, most commonly […]

What to include in a press kit template

    Posted in: Publicity

A press kit is an effective tool that should be considered when launching your brand or raising its awareness, for both large high-profile businesses and small start-ups. While it may […]

When is the best time to post on social media?

24 August, 2018     Posted in: Publicity

It can be hard to know when is the best time to post on social media. People are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest throughout the day and night when […]