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Talent Management

Whether you’re a CEO of a public company, an individual with an already high profile in business, a sporting personality, celebrity or perhaps an entrepreneur on the way up or just wanting to increase your personal media profile, Adoni Media can help.

Adoni Media can provide expert talent management, tailored to suit your personalised needs. We have worked with CEOs, high-profile business leaders, sporting personalities, celebrities and entrepreneurs to develop their talent management strategy.

Leisa Goddard has a unique understanding of the challenges associated with personal and professional prominence. With 25 years experience in the media spotlight, Leisa can offer an in-depth understanding about the importance of building a positive public profile.

Adoni Media provides talent management clients a thorough insight of the media landscape, to ensure our talent avoid negative pitfalls and continue leveraging a positive public profile. Adoni Media also provides tailored media training, and a targeted talent management strategy that will ultimately promote your business and personal brand.

Our talent management services include:

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