10 September, 2018     Posted in: Public Relations

What’s the difference between PR and Marketing?

what is public relations in marketing

Public Relations in marketing – they go hand in hand. Some would say they were almost identical, as both aim to reach target audiences.

However, there are many differences between the two.

Here’s how they differ.

Public Relations vs marketing differences

PR is often confused with marketing, which is why it’s so important to understand how they each work. Some key differences include:

It’s impossible to do PR, however, without also engaging in some form of marketing.

If people aren’t recognising or connecting with your brand, then people won’t invest in your product or service, and if people don’t like your product or service, it could damage your brand’s reputation.

What is Public Relations in marketing?

Any business wanting to improve its reputation and public opinion would benefit from PR.

The PR process in marketing a brand includes building a media campaign that promotes the business’ service or product. This can include creating a product launch event, having a social media strategy, and putting in place a crisis communication plan.

PR can significantly heighten a brand’s credibility within the public and media circles. In the world of fake news, PR plays a vital role in helping businesses deliver accurate and reliable information to the public.

It’s important to pick the right PR professional or firm to represent your brand, as the media won’t always publish a story offered to them. Businesses must choose PR experts who have industry experience and a range of influential contacts within the media landscape for their stories to be shared successfully.

PR is a form of free advertising that’s credible and can boost a business’ public image. So, it’s crucial to use PR as an essential marketing tool for any type of business or organisation.