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Reputation management case studies

9 November, 2018     Posted in: Public Relations

Time and time again we’ve seen individuals and companies have their reputation ruined instantly following controversy, speculation, or disasters. As these occur quickly, it’s important for your business to be […]

Why is public relations important?

31 October, 2018     Posted in: Public Relations

The main function of public relations is to persuade the public to promote, purchase, recognise or support a brand, product, or organisation. Public relations officers also strive to build and […]

The history of public relations

    Posted in: Public Relations

Public relations explained Public relations has existed for centuries. From the ancient Egyptians to the medieval period – people have been using devices and channels to relay important information to […]

Personal Reputation Management

    Posted in: Public Relations

Maintaining your reputation is vital to everyone. Once you’ve damaged your reputation by a scandal or bad communication, it can be very hard to rebuild it. How you come across […]

What is public relations?

11 October, 2018     Posted in: Public Relations

The definition of public relations Public relations is about managing the image or reputation of a company or individual. A public relations professional helps promote a positive reputation which the […]

What is a public relations campaign?

    Posted in: Public Relations

  A public relations campaign can best be described as a series of activities that relate to a specific goal for coverage of an organisation, an individual or product, usually […]

How to plan events for public relations

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Events can be an extremely useful public relations tool for organisations. They can be handy for building brand awareness, launching products and engaging with the public. Public relations and event […]

Noteworthy Public Relations Quotes and Slogans

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Throughout history, public relations (PR) has served as the key to success for businesses wanting to communicate with the public through the media. What exactly does public relations mean? Rather […]

The public relations industry

10 October, 2018     Posted in: Public Relations

If you’re wondering if your industry can benefit from public relations, the answer is yes. In the age of the internet and a 24-hour news cycle, it can be hard […]

Public Relations Case Studies

    Posted in: Public Relations

A good PR campaign gets the public talking about a company or product, fosters goodwill and encourages engagement. A successful PR campaign focuses everything around the audience, finds creative angles […]