Presentation Skills Training

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Through personalised training, award-winning journalist Leisa Goddard will teach you vital presentation skills to help prepare for any situation.

Whether it be speaking in front of a crowd or conducting a one-on-one client meetings, you will walk away understanding the importance of presentation and messaging.

Public speaking is a common fear for many people and at Adoni Media, we understand how challenging this phobia can be to overcome. So, we’ve developed presentation skills training to help you learn how to present yourself with confidence and set yourself apart from competitors.

Why it’s important – the benefits

Knowing how to present yourself to your target audience is vital. If not perfected, you can lose their attention in seconds or appear unknowledgeable.

While your audience is listening to your message, they are also looking at how you portray yourself and your organisation. This can have an impact on your public image and reputation within your industry.

How we can help you – activities and courses

With over 25 years’ experience in the journalism industry, founder Leisa Goddard can give you and your team insight into how your audience perceives you before you’ve presented yourself.

We offer a variety of presentation skills training activities depending on your public speaking situation and use real-life scenarios so you understand all there is to know about portraying yourself.

If you’re preparing for a public forum, we’ll teach you how to handle tough questions through practical examples, or if you’re conducting meetings, we’ll teach you how to perfect your body language and how to portray your key messages.

Leisa and her team of media experts have worked on programs such as A Current Affair and Today Tonight, so they understand the do’s and don’ts of any interview and how important presentation skills are for setting your reputation.

Our effective presentation skills course is tailored for each individual and organisation so you learn:

  • How to deliver your key message confidently
  • How to perfect body language
  • How to respond to difficult questions
  • How to handle nerves
  • Breathing techniques
  • Practice techniques
  • Eye contact
  • Voice levels.


You’ll notice the benefits of a presentation skills course, so seize the opportunity now and organise for Leisa to give you a call today.

“We use real-life examples so you know how to present yourself to any audience. With activities focusing on body language, eye contact and handling nerves, you get real life experience.” – Leisa Goddard.