27 September, 2018     Posted in: Newslink


A Townsville doctor who is battling ovarian cancer has raised $10,000 in just one week as part of a campaign to research gynaecological cancers and break the taboo surrounding female health.

Alisha Thomson was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer at just 27 and wants to do her part to ensure research can be done to find a cure.

“As a doctor, it shocked me how few treatments are available for ovarian cancer,” Ms Thomson said.

“Ovarian cancer does not get the funding that other more public cancers get, even though it has terrible survival rates.”

Alisha has recently started chemotherapy and the now 29-year old is passionate about creating more conversation around ‘the box’ and most importantly, educating others.

“One day I might need advanced treatment – and I’m just one person,” she said.

“It’s why we need to raise much-needed funds and show support towards research and education.”

Alisha is now working with James Cook University to introduce The Survivors Teaching Students volunteer program where students will be educated on the symptoms of ovarian cancer so women can be diagnosed earlier.

“Just by sharing my Everydayhero fundraising page over social media, my friends and even strangers have donated funds to the Save the Box campaign far beyond what I could have imagined – $10,000 in just one week!” she said.

Everydayhero’s Managing Director Pascale Harvie said she was inspired by stories like Alisha’s which lead to conversation around important topics.

“With 15 women diagnosed with gynaecological cancer every day, Save the Box offers an opportunity for women to talk about their experiences and raise money for an important cause,” Ms Harvie said.

“The campaign is generating funds for gynaecological cancer research and through Everydayhero, 38 women have raised more than $300,000 for Save the Box.”

More information on Alisha’s story can be found here.