26 September, 2018     Posted in: Newslink

Ranked in the top one per cent of Queensland real estate agents, Place’s Jacq Hackett knows the keys to selling property successfully – and she’s sharing her tips in a book with all proceeds being donated to charity.

 “The Secret of Successful Selling: It’s a Kind of Magick” is a handbook on how to sell a property for the most amount of money in any market.

 Ms Hackett said it’s based on 26 real-life sales campaigns she’s worked on over the years.

 “Each chapter depicts a certain stage of the campaign, from preparing for sale through to sold, and discusses how to recognise and overcome obstacles that cause a campaign to fail,” she said.

 “Not all agents are equally skilled. The secret of a successful sale lies in the magic of an experienced agent who can identify, prepare and overcome these obstacles before they arise.”

 Ms Hackett said she wanted to provide specific, authentic information for home sellers about to embark on a potential roller coaster of a ride that could cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

 “Lynnette and Juan were two sellers I worked with who told me the monetary difference I made to the sale was not only a suburb record but that that extra money meant they had $50,000 more with which they could improve their lives.”

 Ms Hackett will donate the proceeds of the sale of her book to a charity close to her heart – Project4Change.

 “P4C provides low-cost accommodation options to Australians who wouldn’t otherwise be eligible to own their own homes,” she said.

 “Proceeds from the sale of my book will go directly to the housing, education and care of those who need a safe an affordable place to live.”