Prescription deliveries on the rise as flu season hits

21 June, 2018     Posted in: Newslink

It’s flu season and an increasing number of inner-city workers are having prescription medication delivered to their desk in a bid to stay healthy over the winter months.

The Tonic App is revolutionising the way time-poor workers can fight the flu by changing the way they access medicine – and saw a 30 per cent increase in orders over the weekend as Brisbane shivered through a cold snap.

Brisbane creator Guy McKenzie said the app, in which users upload a photo of their prescription and have their medication delivered to their door, had been popular for home orders, but was now being taken up by workers wanting to feel better at work.

“There’s nothing worse than feeling ill at work – or trying to prevent getting sick when a colleague has the flu – than knowing you have to make time to go to a pharmacy,” Mr McKenzie said.

“Now, with the app, you can have your script filled and nominate the time and place you’d like the medication delivered and we’ll bring it to you from a local chemist.

“We’re seeing more and more colleagues teaming up together to place orders at the same time – so we’re delivering medication to entire floors of busy CBD buildings.”

Mr McKenzie said given that everyone orders online shopping and food to their offices, it made sense they should be able to get their medicine delivered too.

“We’ve also just expanded the app to allow users to order non-prescription products, including vitamins, nasal sprays, congestion relievers and lozenges.

“We’ve been warned this flu season will be severe and this should go a long way to helping to ease symptoms and stop the virus spreading.”

Attune Hearing CEO Jenny Stevens said the Tonic App was helping her staff stay flu-free this winter season, while also enabling the clinic to deliver more efficient healthcare to clients.

“As a business owner, it’s a win-win situation because it ensures my staff stay healthy and it allows us to order healthcare products, like hearing aid batteries, for patients who need them urgently,” Ms Stevens said.

Everyone who uses the Tonic App is called by a pharmacist who explains how to take the medication and any associated risks, removing the awkwardness of divulging personal information over the counter at the pharmacy.”