15 August, 2018     Posted in: Newslink

Editorial credit: Ink Drop

Fundraisers who use social media sites are far more likely to reach their target donation goal, according to new research from Australia’s leading charity platform.

Online fundraising platform Everydayhero has found more and more people are using social media to leverage their fundraising, and in doing so are achieving their goals and exceeding their expected number of donations.

Posting updates, photos, videos, and donation milestones has become a proven method for fundraisers to connect with prospective supporters, who by viewing a participant’s progress are inspired to contribute. Everdayhero’s Managing Director Pascale Harvie said people are more willing to donate if they see the hard work and effort fundraisers put in for their charities.

“From training for a marathon to preparing cakes for a morning tea, people like to see the steps behind the fundraiser’s journey and discussion as to why they’re taking part,” Ms Harvie said.

“It also gives participants a sense of achievement to see their timeline on their social media pages.”

Everydayhero’s research is supported by the 2017 Global NGO Online Technology Report, which found 25 per cent of donors say social media communication is what inspires them to give.

In particular, 43 per cent of millennials are enthused to give via social media over any other platform which includes television, email, and print media.

“With social media playing such a large part in our everyday lives, it’s become vital for individuals to be able to expand their donor reach by using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter,” Ms Harvie said.

Ms Harvie said the Everydayhero platform allows people to easily share their fundraising page and updates on social media, with just a click of a button.

“When people connect their social media sites to their fundraising page, they achieve a larger audience with many people who personally know the fundraiser. Open communication establishes a conversation between the fundraiser and others, resulting in a willingness to donate.”

More information can be found on the Everydayhero website.