Gaming for good: 10-hour gold coast event to raise money for charity

21 July, 2018     Posted in: Newslink

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In a trend just taking off in Australia, gamers on the Gold Coast are using video footage of their game-play to raise money for charity – and will this weekend host a 10-hour live stream for beyondblue.

It’s the first time the major charity has been involved in a streaming event like this – but it’s hard to ignore statistics surrounding gaming for good.

Last year major live-streaming platform, Twitch, saw gamers raise more than 30 million dollars for causes around the globe.

Everdayhero spokesperson Becky Arthur said live-stream events were the latest windfall for charities.

“Previously gamers haven’t had a way to easily pass on donations directly to charities,” Becky said.

“This is a large audience of people willing to support causes close to them and to the people they enjoy watching online.”

This Saturday (July 21), team members of the Gold Coast gaming group Unreal Aussies are aiming to raise more than $5000 over their 10-hour live stream.

The group’s captain Josh Endres said the group has called upon web-based fundraising platforms Everydayhero and JustGiving to make it easier for their viewers to donate online during the event.

“Thousands of people log on to any one of our streaming sessions, so we’ve decided to tap into that community to do good for those in need,” Josh said.

“We’ve run two events before for beyondblue and raised a total of $3000 and with the help of JustGiving and Everydayhero, we’re hoping we’ll reach our new fundraising goal.”

More than 45 gamers will unite to play for this weekend’s charity event – 20 will play together at the Atmosphere Apartments in Ashmore, while another 25 will log on remotely.

“We’ve set up a gaming space of about five or six computers as well as a green room and a production area to stream the whole gameplay live to Twitch,” Josh said.

Live streaming is a popular trend amongst gamers in Australia and overseas, with around 666 million people watching fan made video content in 2017.

To watch the Unreal Aussies event, and donate, head to:

everyday hero