14 September, 2018     Posted in: Newslink

Two dads tired of waiting for scripts to be filled out at a pharmacy have launched a new app, allowing parents to get medication for themselves and their children delivered directly to their door.

Users of the Tonic App can scan a photograph of their script to order prescription medication and select other pharmacy items, like vitamins, female hygiene products and pain killers, to be delivered to their home or workplace.

Co-founder Adam Gilmore came up with the idea while waiting at a pharmacy with his daughter.

“I was holding my sick toddler, waiting for a script to be filled and she was crying, desperate to be home,” Mr Gilmore said.

“I just thought – there has to be a better way.

“Like me, parents are strapped for time and let’s be honest exhausted, so we wanted to make it far more convenient for mums and dads to get the products they need, without having to leave home.”

Brisbane mum, Nicole Nash-Arnold, said she struggles to find the time to go to the pharmacy and often doesn’t have the prescription handy when she can make the trip.

“I am a mother of 2 teenage children and I run my own business, so typically I’m juggling a million things,” said Nicole.

“Tonic means that when the realisation dawns me that I have to fill my son’s script, I can order it at whatever time that is (sometimes 1am) and it just arrives the next day.”

Mr Gilmore claimed Tonic’s largest user base was females many of whom have young children.

“One of the most commonly ordered medications through Tonic is the contraceptive pill,” Mr Gilmore said.

“What’s great about the app, is that if, like the pill, your script has repeats, you can set up automatic deliveries, so you never run out.”

Another added convenience is that users of Tonic don’t have to discuss personal medical history at a busy pharmacy, but still get a one-on-one consultation.

“Once the product is ordered, a pharmacist will call the app’s user and discuss how to take the medication, and any risks of side effects – so there’s no compromise to the level of care you receive,” Mr Gilmore explained.

Tonic is available for deliveries across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. More information can be found on the website.