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Media Kits: Why are they useful?

18 June, 2018     Posted in: Media Training

So, What is a Media Kit? Media kits, also known as press kits, can either be a page on your website, a printed-out folder or an email attachment that contains […]

How best to spend end of financial year budget

15 June, 2018     Posted in: Media Training

Why media training is the smart investment this EOFY Want publicity for your business and the confidence to talk to journalists so that you can do more in the last […]

What to wear for a television interview?

17 May, 2018     Posted in: Media Training

In today’s technological world, visuals are everything. So, you may need to be ready for the camera at any time. If you’re story has been picked up and you’ve been […]

What to do if a journalist comes calling

11 May, 2018     Posted in: Crisis Management, Media Training, Publicity

How to handle an interview request the right way When a journalist calls, it’s exciting and terrifying. They might be calling as a result of a media release you’ve issued, […]

The dos and don’ts of presenting

20 April, 2018     Posted in: Media Training, Publicity

The key tips you need to feel confident and comfortable in front of a reporter Presenting is a hard skill to master. Most people find it daunting to stand in […]

How to pitch to a newsroom

16 April, 2018     Posted in: Media Training, Publicity

Ever wanted to pitch your story to a newsroom? Here’s how Newsrooms are busy places. In fact, with digital and online content growing by the day (seemingly by the hour!) […]

Speaking the media lingo

5 April, 2018     Posted in: Media Training

Like most industries, the media has its own set of technical jargon that might seem like another language if you’re not in the know. A TV journo will arrive to […]

Why professional athletes need media training

4 April, 2018     Posted in: Media Training

The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games has begun – where the personal and sponsored brands of more than 6,600 athletes will be on show to an audience of millions. Companies pay […]

The do’s and don’ts of dealing with media coverage

4 September, 2017     Posted in: Media Training

When a journalist calls requesting an interview about you or your company – what do you do? Chances are there is a moment or two of panic. For even the […]

Bridging your way to a good interview

3 August, 2017     Posted in: Media Training

Are you prepared to answer the tricky questions? Don’t panic! The answer is to learn and use a very simple interview technique called bridging. Let me explain how it works. Most […]