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29 June, 2020     Posted in: Media Training, Newslink, Public Relations

Set your PR goals Identify dates, milestones, pending announcements, awards and speaking engagements as potential media events in your corporate calendar.   Monitor the news cycle for opportunities to position your […]

How media training can help your organisation respond to a crisis

17 July, 2019     Posted in: Media Training

During a crisis, your organisation will likely receive more media attention than you’ve ever experienced before. This can become a problem when your team is unsure of how to respond […]

How to conduct an interview in journalism

3 July, 2018     Posted in: Media Training

How to interview like a journalist Are you considering getting into journalism? You better learn how to conduct an interview. Interviewing is more than just asking questions. It’s about connecting […]

How to write a media release

    Posted in: Media Training

A media (or press) release is an effective way to disperse news about an event, organisation or person and gain publicity. As you need to get your key message across […]

Radio Interview Training

2 July, 2018     Posted in: Media Training

How to prepare for a radio interview Despite the rise of various digital formats, radio still maintains a strong and vital presence within the media industry. The main advantage of […]

How to pitch to journalists on LinkedIn

29 June, 2018     Posted in: Media Training, News, Publicity

A good relationship with a journalist means it’s easier to pitch stories, communicate and offer your clients up as sources/commentators. Nowadays, news and social media come hand-in-hand. Knowing how and […]

What is media training?

28 June, 2018     Posted in: Media Training

To acquire media coverage, you first must understand how the media works and what journalists are looking for in a story or source. If you’re starting out in your business […]

How to become a TV presenter

    Posted in: Media Training

Making your break into the television industry is no walk in the park, particularly with the competitiveness of other aspiring Australian TV presenters. Before you begin feeling overwhelmed, it’s important […]

How to prepare for an interview

    Posted in: Media Training

Preparing for a TV Interview Finding the right words to say in an interview can be difficult, particularly when you’re trying to get an important message across. Sometimes, this can […]

Presentation Skills Training

27 June, 2018     Posted in: Media Training

Presentation skills – what you need to know Presenting is a hard skill to master. Most people find it challenging to stand in front of a crowd or interviewer to […]