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Develop and implement professional media strategies with Adoni Media’s team of journalism, PR and digital experts.

Media Consulting

At Adoni Media, you will receive professional media consulting from our media team, made up of PR specialists, experienced journalists and digital experts.

We understand how the media professionals think and operate, what makes a story and how to work story angles for your advantage.

If you’re a multinational corporation through to a small business, we aim to help develop and deliver your key messages to the media.

Award-winner and founder Leisa Goddard has over 25 years of journalism experience and has valuable media insight that will be of value to you and your organisation.

What services can we provide?

Set yourself apart with industry experts who know how to target audiences with customised media and digital strategies and who have a proven record in creating successful publicity campaigns.

We understand that every organisation is different, and each requires personalised media strategies.

From crisis communication to social media management, Adoni Media can professionally manage media strategy development and implementation.

We provide many services, including:

Our goal at Adoni Media is to leverage good publicity throughout our campaigns and increase the overall buzz in online and traditional media.

At Adoni Media, we look at media strategies through the eyes of a journalist, and that’s why our clients achieve hundreds of thousands of dollars in free publicity across all media platforms.

Digital strategy

At Adoni Media, we do Digital differently to help you rank high in a search engine’s results.

We understand that less than 10 per cent of people look past the first page of Google search results. So, we want to help you rank through SEO and make it easier for your customers to find you.

Our Digital team is Google certified and our experts understand how to get results with AdWords, SEO and search engine marketing. They are also joined by journalists, content writers, PR specialists and producers to offer you what we call SEO Plus.

“Because we’ve learnt the most effective digital strategy is driven by data and supported with PR.” – Leisa Goddard

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