Media interviews: When should you invite the media?

13 July, 2020     Posted in: Coverage, Public Relations, Publicity


Media interviews are great opportunities to showcase your brand and become an expert commentator in your industry. However, what might be a big event for you and your organisation may not necessarily be considered ‘newsworthy’ by a journalist.  

The rule of PR and the first question you should always ask yourself: “is it worth inviting the media?”. 

Without a corporate communications team to advise you or a public relations agency on retainer how do you know if you have a media story that is just waiting to be told? 

Our public relations team at Adoni Media have decades of experience working in newsrooms and we’ve put together a guide on what makes news. 

A launch or an opening

As a general rule anything new is news. So if you have the opening of a new facility, a new service, or the launch of a new initiative you may have a story that will get a journalist’s attention. 

A key question from the media will always be how many people will benefit or be impacted by the new project.  

Also take into consideration the location and who will be at the event that the media might be interested in interviewing. 

A VIP visit

A VIP visit is always worth inviting the media to. However, it is important to be able explain or justify why your VIP is actually a VIP and what their role is at the event. 

A VIP or celebrity can be a great drawcard to generate interest in a story that may otherwise not garner any media interest. 

A major interview opportunity 

If you are offering a spokesperson in response to a breaking news story or a major announcement, scandal or a big event it is worthwhile issuing a Media Alert and inviting journalists. 

If the story is big enough and likely to attract a number of journalists, or you are already fielding calls from the media, it is worth organising a press conference so that the spokesperson addresses the media contingent at one time in one set place.  

Human interest story 

Media loves a feel-good story and if you or your company, charity or organisation has a story that everyone is talking about in your local community then it is a good bet that a journalist may be interested.