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Learn essential skills through interview training with award-winning journalist, Leisa Goddard. Get personalised training on how to conduct interviews, deliver key messages and present yourself to the media.

Interview skills training

When a person is asking you questions in front of a camera or microphone, it can be hard to find the right thing to say – even more so when you’re trying to represent your organisation and include key messages. So, the best way to prepare yourself is with interview training.

At Adoni Media, we have structured a program that incorporates practical interview training for managers, CEOs, academics, executives, business leaders and any other potential spokesperson, so they can learn how to control what they say in front of the media and how it should be delivered.

Adoni Media’s founder Leisa Goddard has more than 25 years of journalism experience working with programs such as Today Tonight and A Current Affair. So you can be assured you will be learning vital interview skills from an experienced team of PR professionals, journalists and digital experts.

“We know what makes a story, we know what journalists need and that’s why what we do works.” – Leisa Goddard

Why is interview training important?

With the 24-hour news cycle and social media constantly on the watch, everything that we say or do can be scrutinised by the media and also the public.

So, it’s never been more important to participate in interview training.

Our interview training program is taught by experienced journalists who understand the media inside and out and can prepare you for anything.

What people may not know is body language in interviews is just as important as what is said. When you appear in front of a camera, you are representing your organisation, so what you wear and how you come across, is crucial.

Our expert team can teach you the dos and don’ts of presenting.

With journalist interview training, you will learn the common mistakes people usually make when talking to the media and how to lower the risk of damaging your reputation. Adoni Media will teach you how you can take control of an interview, so you present the messages you want.

So, learn all there is to know from Leisa and her team at Adoni Media. Their goal is to teach you to take charge and be prepared for any interview.

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