17 March, 2020     Posted in: Crisis Management, Newslink, Public Relations



Do you have a plan or know how to respond on social media if you suddenly had to cancel an event or close your business because of the coronavirus?

What if one of your staff or customers contracted the virus and journalists were at your door asking questions?

Companies and organisations of all sizes including franchises, schools, tourism operators, retailers and restaurateurs are urgently developing and introducing crisis communication plans to deal with COVID-19.

Here is what you should be doing:

Crisis communications plan 

You must have a crisis communication and media plan so the executive leadership team can quickly activate and scale its response. Key to the plan is having procedures that outline what to do, the chain of command and what is required for internal and external communications.

Internal communications

Brief your employees ahead of closing your business or cancelling an event. Remind them not to speak to media unless they are authorised to do so and have a Media Policy in place so that everyone is clear on what to do if a journalist does call.

Holding statement

During any crisis, and particularly if you’ve been contacted by media, you must act quickly. To do that it’s important to have prepared a holding statement, media kit and key messages. You also need to know who the company’s nominated media spokesperson is and their availability for interview.

Crisis response 

During the current health pandemic, information is key. You need to ensure all of your stakeholders and staff understand what has occurred, what the company is doing and reiterate the company’s values.

It is important to not create fear or panic with your messaging and ALWAYS show empathy for what your stakeholders, staff and broader community are dealing with.

Remember whatever you tell your staff and stakeholders can, and most often will, be made public so messaging must be consistent across internal and external communication.

Need help preparing your crisis plan?

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