11 January, 2019     Posted in: Corporate Communications

corporate communications strategies

Corporate communications refers to the activities involved with managing both internal and external communication in business.

The main goal of corporate communications is to create a positive, open communication flow between stakeholders, investors, the public and employees, contributing to a company’s brand.

Our Communications Director Clare Christensen said that corporate communications about crating engagement with a company.

“It’s the story behind the organisation and the people who work there,” she says.

“Corporate communications is also about informing the public and staff of any goings on in the organisation.”

Corporate communications is often split into three categories. Management communication occurs with both internal and external target audiences. Marketing communication involves sponsorship, selling, advertising and direct mail. Finally, organisational communication usually includes public relations, corporate advertising, employee communication, investor relations and public affairs.

These three tiers of corporate communication can be used to create strategies that will benefit your organisation.

Corporate Communication Strategies

The best way to achieve results is to devise corporate communications strategies. Corporate communication strategies can help ensure that your business communicates effectively with everyone involved.

Effective corporate communication strategies include tactics such as:

These methods will elevate your business to the next level and help you communicate externally and internally.

Some corporate communication strategy examples include:

At Adoni Media, we customise our approach to corporate communication strategies to fit every type of business.