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From Our Interns: Derin’s Experience

14 May, 2019     Posted in: From our interns

As I entered the final year of my Bachelor of Business (Public Relations) degree, I’d already completed one internship and was most certainly eager for another. Interning is honestly my […]

From Our Interns: Emma’s Experience

30 April, 2019     Posted in: From our interns

In my final year of a Bachelor Business (Public Relations)/ Bachelor Media and Communication, and with a content/marketing internship under my belt, I wanted to gain more PR related experience. […]

From Our Interns: Nicola’s Experience

17 December, 2018     Posted in: Digital, From our interns, Public Relations

Like all University students in this day and age, I knew I needed real experience in PR firms to get a job when I graduate. So, I began the hunt. […]

From our interns: Lucy’s experience

23 October, 2018     Posted in: From our interns

Interning at Adoni has been one of the most enjoyable learning experiences of university life so far! I study a Bachelor of Business (Public Relations) and Bachelor of Laws at […]

From our interns: Felicia’s experience

13 September, 2018     Posted in: From our interns

Over the past three months, I’ve had the privilege of conducting an internship at Adoni Media within their digital marketing team. I’m a recent marketing graduate from Queensland University of […]

From our interns: Rachel Murray

29 August, 2018     Posted in: From our interns

Completing my internship at Adoni has been an important part of my professional growth and development and I have loved every moment. I had completed a Bachelor of Communication/Arts from […]

From our interns: Claire’s experience

4 June, 2018     Posted in: From our interns

Interning at Adoni has led to one of the most valuable experiences of my student life. Not only did I develop my skills, I learned industry knowledge from my colleagues. […]

From our interns: Katreena’s experience

16 November, 2017     Posted in: From our interns

If I can sum up working as an intern at Adoni Media in one word, it would be: rewarding. If you are active, flexible, and open to new challenges, being […]