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Small Businesses – tips for social media branding

22 August, 2019     Posted in: Content Marketing, Digital

The first steps a small business takes into the chaotic world of social media can define the course of the business as it grows and develops. For small businesses starting […]

How to source content for your business

    Posted in: Digital

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘content is king’, and we are currently operating in a world where business owners are expected to not only have profiles across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, […]

How digital marketing can support public relations

    Posted in: Client Features, Digital, News, Publicity

  The team at Adoni Media was thrilled to recently launch Australia’s newest children’s edu-tainment group Team Rescue. Our PR strategy gained great media exposure for co-creators Greg Page and […]

Why is Google My Business important?

12 August, 2019     Posted in: Digital

We’ve all searched for a business on Google at one point or another. Maybe you already knew the business name, or maybe you were just typing key words in the hopes of finding […]

Why learn graphic design as a Communications professional?

    Posted in: Digital, Public Relations

  In the Communications industry, roles and skills are always overlapping. Journalists need to know how to operate a camera, advertisers are responsible for their own search engine optimisation (SEO) and PR agents double as […]

Instagram hides ‘like count’ from Australian users

24 July, 2019     Posted in: Digital

Instagram has recently commenced a trial to hide ‘like’ counts in several countries including New Zealand, Canada and Ireland, with Australia being introduced to the trial late last week. Users […]

The importance of being reactive on social media

    Posted in: Digital

Too often businesses fall into the trap of creating social media accounts but then fail to manage them effectively. According to our own Isobel Gordon who manages Adoni Media’s social […]

How to stay proactive on social media

10 July, 2019     Posted in: Digital

Too often, businesses create a Facebook or Instagram page but fail to keep it updated. With the increase in digital communication channels, social media management is essential and neglecting it […]

How to build your brand’s reputation

1 April, 2019     Posted in: Digital, Public Relations

Brand reputation management is arguably the most important aspect of any business, as it can make or break your company. Brand reputation is the sum of ideas and emotions that […]

The pros and cons of social media during a crisis

11 March, 2019     Posted in: Digital

Social media, whether we like it or not, is a tool that plays a vital role in communications. It allows news to spread faster than ever before, which in the […]