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6 April, 2020     Posted in: Coverage, Digital

By: Leisa Goddard, Managing Director of Adoni Media Skype interviews are the new norm for TV but so many of them are just awful to watch. Normally as a business […]

2020 Social Media Business Trends

4 February, 2020     Posted in: Digital

Understanding how to effectively use social media to target consumers is one of the most successful ways to grow your business in 2020.   While every business and professional will have […]

How to use social media to your advantage in PR

3 February, 2020     Posted in: Digital, Public Relations, Publicity

With 3.48 billion users, social media is the most far-reaching, accessible and affordable tool for public relations professionals.   And while the use of social media in PR is nothing new, the way we use it is […]

How to engage your audience on LinkedIn

2 December, 2019     Posted in: Content Marketing, Digital

LinkedIn as a social media platform has evolved into more than just a place to look for a new job. If used effectively, it can be a great platform to grow […]

Why it’s important to be timely in PR: a case study

28 October, 2019     Posted in: Digital, Publicity

PR is all about the here and now. As a business, it’s important that as news comes in, you’re the first to know. This doesn’t just go for local news […]

4 ways to use social media to your advantage: PR agency edition

21 October, 2019     Posted in: Digital, Public Relations

In the digital age we live in, PR agencies can no longer avoid the impact social media has on the industry. With nearly half of the world’s population using social […]

First Instagram, now Facebook: What does hiding ‘like counts’ mean?

4 October, 2019     Posted in: Digital, News

As part of a new test in Australia, Facebook will hide the number of times the ‘like’ button has been tapped on a post. With growing concern over the impact […]

Rival brands join hands for a good cause: PR campaign case study

2 October, 2019     Posted in: Digital, Publicity

It’s common for people to have a ‘go-to’ favourite fast food burger, whether it’s the McDonalds’ Big Mac or the Whopper from Hungry Jacks (or overseas, Burger King). While the […]

How to make a campaign stand out: A case study

26 September, 2019     Posted in: Content Marketing, Digital, Public Relations

A huge part of Public Relations is producing creative and engaging content that resonates with audiences and the media. Most successful campaigns effectively understand their target demographics while catering to […]

Social media content writing – What should you know?

    Posted in: Digital

How often is it that, when scrolling through Facebook, you really stop to read that article or interact with that post? Did you really listen to that Instagram video or […]