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Crisis management in different industries

17 December, 2018     Posted in: Crisis Management, Public Relations

Crisis management in any industry is inevitable. It’s how people deal with the crisis that determines how much of the client’s reputation is damaged. Let’s take a look at how […]

Tips on how to effectively manage a crisis

22 November, 2018     Posted in: Crisis Management, Public Relations

No matter what size your business is, you should invest in effective crisis management tools, plans, and support. Without a crisis strategy, minor issues can turn into larger ones and […]

What is a crisis management plan?

9 November, 2018     Posted in: Crisis Management

Crisis management is the process by which an organisation responds to a sudden emergency situation. These crises can be defined as anything that negatively threatens an organisation’s operation and will […]

Understanding crisis management

11 October, 2018     Posted in: Crisis Management

In the public relations industry, there are many factors to building and maintaining relationships between organisations and the public. It’s also about reputation management and protecting an organisation’s public image […]

What to do if a journalist comes calling

11 May, 2018     Posted in: Crisis Management, Media Training, Publicity

How to handle an interview request the right way When a journalist calls, it’s exciting and terrifying. They might be calling as a result of a media release you’ve issued, […]

Crisis Communications: Is it important and how effective is it?

26 April, 2018     Posted in: Crisis Management

What is Crisis Communications? Every business or organisation can be susceptible to a crisis. Crisis Communication is a vital tool in minimising damage to a company’s public image. Effective crisis […]