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Preparation and time are critical in a crisis. You must be able to respond quickly and communicate effectively to internal and external stakeholders.

Adoni’s team has corporate communication specialists and former senior journalists who have first-hand experience covering and managing high-profile companies and individuals in crisis. We partner with your team to predict, plan, and deliver strategies to protect your reputation.

There are three pillars to Crisis Management:

  • Preparation
  • Training
  • Activation

Best corporate practice is to have a pre-approved Crisis Communications Policy that can be immediately activated in the event of a crisis.

  • Crisis Preparation

    Time invested in developing a Crisis Management Plan and Crisis Media Policy provides the framework for management teams to respond quickly when reputations are at risk.
    The response structure, key actions, and a list of key documents are part of what's required to be crisis ready.

  • Crisis Training

    Simulated crisis scenarios and desktop exercises can be used to test Crisis Management Plans and the Crisis Management Team (CMT). The exercises identify potential areas of weakness and educate management and staff on how to respond.

  • Spokesperson Training

    Clear and consistent communication with key stakeholders including staff, third parties, and external media, is essential in mitigating stakeholder concerns and balancing reputational and political considerations.
    Media Training prepares key spokespeople to respond to media and communicate with confidence.

  • Crisis Activation

    Adoni mobilises individuals/teams to provide coordination and support for management and internal communication teams in the activation of a Crisis Management Plan. Adoni works to manage the media response and logistics, i.e. media conferences, media enquiries, and prepare communication materials and spokespeople, including statements, Q&As, and other assets as required.

Adoni’s Experienced Team

“In a crisis, one of the worst mistakes people make is saying ‘No Comment’.

Having a Crisis Management Plan gives you a framework for what to say and how to respond to the media.”

Leisa Goddard, Founder & Managing Director

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