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Tips for improving your presentation skills

29 August, 2019     Posted in: Corporate Communications, Crisis Management

Public speaking is a genuine fear for a lot of people, whether it be in front of a crowd or conducting one-on-one client meetings. Adoni Media understands the distress that […]

Top tips for improving your corporate communication skills

22 March, 2019     Posted in: Corporate Communications

  Many studies indicate candidates that have effective communication skills are the most desirable in a workplace. There are many ways to drastically improve corporate communication skills, but it is […]

The impact of technology on corporate communication

15 January, 2019     Posted in: Corporate Communications, Digital

In a world where nearly everybody has a smartphone and easy access to a computer or tablet, it’s easy to see how technology has impacted the way we communicate. The […]

How to build a strong corporate communication strategy

11 January, 2019     Posted in: Corporate Communications

Corporate communications refers to the activities involved with managing both internal and external communication in business. The main goal of corporate communications is to create a positive, open communication flow […]

What is Corporate Communications?

18 December, 2018     Posted in: Corporate Communications

In the public relations industry, many questions are asked from ‘how to write a media release?’ and ‘how to prepare for an interview?’ to ‘what is corporate communications?’. Corporate communications […]