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An Uber Successful Campaign: How Uber Eats used the power of celebrity to create a viral advertising campaign

10 February, 2020     Posted in: Celebrities, Content Marketing, Publicity

It was the television advertisement that had the whole world liking, commenting and sharing. But how did Uber Eats  take something as simple as home-delivered food and turn it into […]

Tips for success while completing your media and communications degree

20 December, 2019     Posted in: Content Marketing, Public Relations

It’s often daunting thinking about finishing your university degree and stepping out into the real world but with good advice, experience and knowledge, it can be a smooth and exciting […]

How to engage your audience on LinkedIn

2 December, 2019     Posted in: Content Marketing, Digital

LinkedIn as a social media platform has evolved into more than just a place to look for a new job. If used effectively, it can be a great platform to grow […]

Why marketing videos can boost your business

18 October, 2019     Posted in: Content Marketing

With the rise of digital marketing, as a business owner you’re probably looking for the most cost effective and efficient way to cut through the clutter and stand out over […]

Kellogg’s change it up for Australian farmers: PR campaign case study

    Posted in: Content Marketing, Public Relations

Have you ever wondered how Kellogg’s became a household name? It’s all down to the Aussie farmer. For the better part of a century, Kellogg’s has produced some of Australia’s […]

How to make a campaign stand out: A case study

26 September, 2019     Posted in: Content Marketing, Digital, Public Relations

A huge part of Public Relations is producing creative and engaging content that resonates with audiences and the media. Most successful campaigns effectively understand their target demographics while catering to […]

How to write a killer cover letter?

    Posted in: Content Marketing, Corporate Communications

With graduation looming for some, the panic of updating your resume and cover letter for applications is starting to set in. It’s easy to disregard your cover letter and focus […]

Small Businesses – tips for social media branding

22 August, 2019     Posted in: Content Marketing, Digital, Journalist or Blogger, Talent Management

The first steps a small business takes into the chaotic world of social media can define the course of the business as it grows and develops. For small businesses starting […]