Communication Skills Training

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Receive effective communication skills training from media expert, Leisa Goddard. Learn how to communicate effectively with advanced techniques, hands-on exercises and real-life examples.

Speaking in front of a crowd can be one of the most difficult things any person can do. Adding on the fact that you’re representing not only yourself but also your organisation and it can be downright challenging.

At Adoni Media, we can help prepare you for any sort of situation with communication skills training.

Through our workshop, we can teach you how to develop your messages and how to say them to a larger audience through practical examples and hands-on communication training exercises.

Our founder Leisa Goddard, has over 25 years of journalism experience and understand how to successfully deliver key messages, especially to the media.

Be ahead of your competitors with advanced communication skills training

The benefits of communication skills training include knowing what to say and how to say it effectively, preparing for any difficult situations you may face, increasing your confidence and perfecting your approach to communication.

Interpersonal skills training is just as important, as it’s teaching you how to communicate with your internal and external stakeholders, which may include the media.

Learning communication skills means improving current and future relationships, while also learning how to avoid awkward situations.

Too often people are unprepared or come across the wrong way when communicating with others, especially with the media. This can then lead to disastrous results and damaged reputations.

This can be avoided with simple personalised communication skills training.

Our workshop will help you prepare for the unexpected and give you the confidence you need to successfully deliver your key messages to your target audience.

Get in touch with Leisa today to find how you will benefit from communications skills training!