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Why influencers will profit from Facebook changes

2 March, 2018     Posted in: Digital

BRANDS will need to work harder to engage consumers on Facebook as algorithm changes promote personal content over news. Facebook’s latest algorithm update has sparked controversy as it prioritises posts […]

What is AI? How are digital marketers using it to bring more customers to your business?

7 February, 2018     Posted in: Digital

Have you asked Siri, Cortana or Google the weather forecast for tomorrow? Has Facebook known the right friends to suggest as tags in your photos? Does Netflix recommend a list […]

The new ways to use video to grow your brand

23 January, 2018     Posted in: Digital

  CORPORATE VIDEOS used to be something companies would invest in only if the marketing budget allowed. Today, 87% of online marketers use video content as part of their corporate […]

Digital marketing phrases – Breaking the buzzword bubble

18 November, 2017     Posted in: Digital

Confused when you speak to digital marketing experts? What if I told you it was designed to be that way. Digital is a complex world, which is forever changing by […]