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award-winning Corporate Communications and Digital Agency

Adoni Media is an award-winning Corporate Communications and Digital Agency where journalists and online experts help you take control of your message to promote your business and protect your reputation.

Australian television Journalist Leisa Goddard, created Adoni Media because, like too many of her peers, she’s spent years turning up to poorly organised media events where little to no planning has gone into basics such as selecting the right location and organising picture opportunities.

Why invite television cameras if there is nothing of interest to film?

Then, there’s the choice of spokesperson. Too often executives, project managers and/or community leaders are thrust in front of microphones and television cameras with little to no preparation and are expected to perform and stay on message.

After more than two decades of being frustrated on the job, Leisa decided to assemble a team of journalists, camera crews, advisors, public relations experts, advertising executives, digital consultants and business leaders that she trusts to begin creating and managing campaigns that deliver both in the media and online.

Formerly a senior investigative journalist for Nine’s A Current Affair and Seven’s Today Tonight, Leisa has worked for all three commercial TV networks across news, current affairs and talk shows.

Companies big and small trust Leisa and her team because they have the experience. Leisa is Logie-nominated for her reporting as a war correspondent during the Afghanistan war and has worked as a foreign correspondent and international bureau chief based in America and around the world. As a PR consultant Leisa has what few do in the media relations business – an extensive understanding of the media and how it works. She has reported and run newsrooms for nightly news programs, been a regular on breakfast TV, chat shows and produced and presented documentaries. She is an award-winning journalist running an award-winning PR and Digital agency.

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